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Where Is Waldo? The Search is over

Hey there readers, after a very, very, very long absence it is safe to say I’m back, well sort of. Life as we know it sometimes gets in the say, and no, I was not dealing with any life drama, not personally anyways, life in that perspective has been going quite well. Last you heard from me, I was sharing my transformation story, and though that is a still a struggle for me, it is just one of the few things I’ve been going through the last 8 months.

So what have I been up to you wonder? When I initially signed up to be a somewhat regular blogger for Phryme magazine, I was halfway through my internship as Marketing Coordinator at the Aruba Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino, which in a whole has been an enriching experience for me. Not only socially, but academically and when it comes to my career, I have a better understanding on what it is I could see myself doing in the near future. I know a lot of people tend to complain about the different places they have done an internship. I have had many, in the most bizarre and interesting places and have yet to have an experience where I felt I didn't like it, or was a horrible experience, it could also be because I am a optimist at heart, but if you never look at the bright side of things and appreciate the good in the little things in life you'll be a complainer and your situation doesn't change by complaining, you change your own situation. You’ll miss out on enjoying the actual experience for what it is, which is a new environment to grow and learn in a different way.

So this could explain my absence a bit, since December came and left and was done stuffing my face for Christmas and New years, after not being home for Christmas for over 2 years, it was time to do complete my research and my report. As many students know takes up a lot of time. You mostly spend procrastinating and avoid doing it as much as possible until the deadline is a day away. Happily and surprisingly, I passed the rigorous grading system and completed my internship. I’ve grown from it, I’m wiser for it and most importantly, I got to work for and alongside some of the most amazing women for 5 months, for that I am even more thankful.

I know what you’re saying, December and January came and went and still nothing? Well yeah, after my internship I was provided another incredible experience, one I’ll be able to elaborate more in the future, but I got accepted to the University of Pecs, Hungary, to do my study abroad, so I was quite busy making my arrangements, flight, boarding and so much more in preparation for my 5 other months away from home. So that’s where I have been for the last 5 months, in Hungary, experiencing the little town of Pecs, Budapest and a couple of bordering countries, one of which I visited for the very first time! I'm a bit of a traveler, so getting to travel a lot was incredible, and hopefully I'll have the chance to elaborate more on these travels. So experiencing new places, new countries and just embracing the experience of being somewhere new took a bit of my time, but it has provided me with new friends but also moments I'll never forget.

So I guess that kind of explains a bit of my absence, hopefully it justifies me not being around. But I do have new stories to share, my own theories on certain aspects of life and a whole lot more in the future. Until then ladies and gents, have a wonderful day wherever you are.


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