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What she means to me and what we mean to each other

What she means to me and what we mean to each other

An interview with Vicky Angela & Niyereth Palomino-Morales


To say that I have never encountered two people that love each other as much as this couple is a fact. The couple has been together for almost a year and a half and, while together, have encountered some obstacles, but also many blessings. Today, we sat down with this beautiful couple to talk about how they first met, how their relationship has developed, motherhood and so much more.

Vicky, 25, is studying welfare and care studies and Niyereth, 26, is studying applied psychology at the NTI University. They both work part-time as nurses for a nursing home agency and are a young couple living in The Hague.

“My first impression of Niyereth wasn’t good. She was sitting on top of her ex-boyfriend displaying a massive amount of PDA; it was not a pretty sight.” - Vicky

The couple met back in 2009, while they were both in high school, at this place called Expressie, which was an extended part of their former school. The couple started being associates through mutual friends and, eventually, established a great friendship. But, they never thought they would end up being with each other eight years later.

“We highlight the best in each other. Sometimes things get complicated, but I refuse to give up on her. Look at her, I don’t see myself without her. “ - Niyereth

The couple admitted that they do experience struggles in their relationship, because of their strong individual characters. However, they think that the key to a successful and healthy relationship is to communicate with each other, to be open and to be honest about each other’s wants and needs. Niyereth has even admitted that they have seen themselves multiple time on the bridge of ending things, but she refuses to give up on what they have created.

"It hasn’t been easy; it is a 24/7 job. You are constantly doing your best to give the other everything they need. Having a kid at 21 years old, with no family on your side, is hard. But I won’t change anything – she is my pride and joy. “ - Niyereth

When Niyereth was 21 years old, she found out that she was expecting her first child. In the beginning, it was a huge shock. She had just started college and was looking forward to enjoying her student life in the Netherlands – far away from home. But destiny had other plans for her. On January 2014, baby Alexzandria was born and she has been the light of her mother’s eyes ever since.

“She is the most amazing, the happiest, the smartest and the most caring child that I have ever met. Sometimes, when I'm sitting on the sofa, tired after a long day at work or school, she will sit next to me and caress my face or tell me that she loves me. She is my baby. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for her.” - Niyereth

The couple is now raising their 4-year-old daughter and is looking forward to adding a second addition to their happy family very soon.


“My mom already knew that I was bisexual and that I liked girls, but I think she thought that it just was a phase. Sometimes, I felt pressured when people would ask me when I would be getting a boyfriend. So, I just started dating men for a while. Was I happy? Sometimes, but I knew that my heart, body, and soul didn’t belong to a man. With Niye, I feel at home. “ - Vicky

The couple has a strong support from their family and friends that have reassured them how much they are loved and accepted no matter their sexual orientation. Vicky admitted that she first came out to her mom while watching miss Venezuela on television. She shared that she was very scared to tell the rest of her family, but she was met with pure love and acceptance. That is, sadly, something that not everybody in the LGBTQ community gets. Niyereth, however, she expected the opposite of her parents.

She expected for her mom to be more open about her sexual preference and her dad to be more reluctant, but it was actually her dad who surprised her by being very relaxed and happy about her sexual preference. Her mom, on another hand, wasn’t closed to the topic but was more skeptical about her daughter’s sudden new relationship, but still has a very good relationship with her daughter and supports her no matter what.


"I cannot tell you where exactly we’ll be in 5 years, but I hope that we both are happy.” - Niyereth

The couple does have plans for the near future; they hope that, by that time, they have completed their education so they can provide for their daughter and to be able to purchase their own house. However, most importantly, they hope that they are happy and rejoice in good health and prosperity.


Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this blogpost are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official views of Phryme Magazine.

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