Together while apart

Okay guys let’s talk for a minute, or well it’s more like I talk and y’all will read but the point still stands. I’ve been back in Aruba for a hot minute and you could say that while COVID-19 was expected the devastating economic effects that it brought with it were definitely not expected. As most of you know a huge part of the population has lost their jobs and everyone is wondering what happens next. And here’s what I’m seeing a lot of lately.

A lot of people are comparing who has lost more, who has given up more and who should give up even more. Yes, many of us right now are home without income and with bills to pay, so I can understand where this is coming from. But what I haven’t seen a whole lot about are all these international corporations on the island, All these hotels? Where is their responsibility to their employees and to the island of Aruba? Should they not be held responsible and expected to contribute right now? Afterall when tourism is booming on the island, they are the ones who profit. I don’t believe we should be fighting each other; we should be questioning why these million-dollar companies are leaving their employees hanging during these hard times. And not just their employees but to the island that has given them so much.

However, if we as an island, as a people want to get through this and come out stronger at the other end, we should probably stop with the infighting. Let’s instead help each other right now and talk about how we as the people of Aruba would like to see things change. That hospitality, kindness, and charm we are so well known for, let’s show it to each other now.

Cause if this situation can teach us one thing and one thing only, I hope it teaches us that standing together, we are stronger.


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