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The perfect podcast for your commute

Y’all my daily commute is long, so I have had to find ways to keep myself entertained while I am on my way to my internship or to school or basically anywhere. And while music and Netflix on the way are entertaining enough, I realized that I could also use this time for self-development and that’s how I got into podcasts. My list of podcasts varies from news, to self-improvement, to comedy, meditation and basically anything that interests me. If you like me, have a long commute here’s my top five of podcasts I’d recommend to you.

By the Book

As an avid bookworm and recent self-help section explorer this podcast checks all the right boxes. The hosts describe the podcast as part reality show, part self-help podcast and a social experiment. That’s a very accurate description of this podcast. Every week the 2 hosts follow the steps or advice of a different self-help book and see how it affects their lives.

This is one of my recent finds and I fell in love after the first episode. It’s an hour-long episode that’s both funny and full of details about well-known and some lesser known self-help books and for me this is the perfect podcast to help me figure out if I want to buy the book or not. In the 30-minute epilogue episode they read listener feedback and further dig into how the book has made a lasting impact on their lives or if it didn’t do anything at all. If you are a self-help fan or just want to listen to the experience of people living by the “rules” of a self-help book this is the podcast for you.

Career IQ

This podcast is the only one that I know of that is made in Aruba. Every week the hosts have a guest on the show to give you advice on how to succeed in your career. Their advice is very relevant for the Aruban job market especially in their “surviving 9 to 5” section in which they bring in an expert to help listener questions varying from how to handle miscommunications to questions that about your rights as an employee or employer. If you are planning to work in Aruba, this is a podcast that helps you enter the local workforce well-prepared.

Infinite potential

Infinite Potential is Deepak Chopra’s first podcast. He invites a variety of guests on the show to talk about their subjects that touch on the potential that we have as humans. From what makes us conscious beings to how we can live creatively and purposefully, Deepak and his guests dive into these questions to explore our infinite potential. I absolutely enjoy listening to each episode so far and they have really made me consider each subject differently. In the current social climate, it is imperative for us to increase our level of understanding and further our intellect in all areas and this podcast does just that.

Science VS.

The science vs team tackles a bunch of subjects through the lens of science. They fact check subjects varying from Placebo’s to DNA kits and fasting diets. During the 30 minute episodes the hosts delve into each subject and talk to scientist on both sides of the subject to get a clear picture. By the end of the episode the host presents what’s fact, what’s fiction and what is somewhere in between. If you are someone who likes to always be right like me, this is the podcast to help you on your way to everlasting rightness.

Why’d you push that button

In an ever increasingly technological world, why’d you push that button is a podcast that explores the choices that technology forces us to make. In each episode the hosts talk to developers and consumers alike to discover why we are making certain technological choices and how it impacts your social life. From exclusive dating apps to hashtag holidays the hosts discuss why people use them, what they were intended for and how they are affecting society and our social lives.

And don't forget about Phryme's very own podcast, Outspoken.

Every two weeks our hosts Maya and Jair tackle a new subject and discuss there thoughts and opinions on it.

While these are just some of my favorite podcasts there are many out there on a range of topics so you can sure that you will find one that suits your interests. Are you a podcast listener? Then let me know what your favorites are, I’m always looking for new podcasts to add to my library.


Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this blog post are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official views of Phryme Magazine.


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