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The man behind the Keyboard

Introduction to a brand new blogger who might or might not have a little bit to say every now and then.

Before I indulge you with various stories about my life, different aspects of life and something to maybe make you think about life, I guess it’s important to introduce myself to you.

I’m Kevin Werleman, I was born and raised on Aruba and, for the last 9 years, I’ve been living in the Netherlands and am currently in my third year at the Arnhem Business School. I am a communication student and, currently, I’m doing my internship at Aruba Marriott and Stellaris Casino. I guess that covers the basics.

I was fortunate enough to grow up in a biracial household that has provided me with a unique outlook in life compared to some people. I’d like to think I’m pretty proud of my background and my family. I’m close to both my parents and can’t say I’ve had a horrible childhood. It’s important to be proud of where you’re from and where your family is from, it’s what makes you unique as a person and I love embracing that.

When it comes to my free time, I’m quite the television addict – I currently follow over 50 series. How I do this is not only a question I often ask, but is also a question I have no answer to, because I don’t know how I do it. But, I think that it has a lot to do with my curious nature.

I’m quite the curious person, so whenever I see a new series that says "Season 1, episode one" I have no choice but to give it a look and see if I like it.

Though, it is difficult to list all the series I watch, I'm more than happy to provide you with a solid top 5:

1. Shameless;

2. Games of Thrones;

3. How to Get Away with Murder;

4. Archer;

5. Bob’s Burgers.

Additionally, Judge Judy is my spiritual animal. No shame in that game.

I also spend a lot of my free time working out, this is something I have been doing regularly the last two years and I’ve lost a lot of weight throughout that process. I’ll eventually fill you in on that journey, it’s one worth talking about.

But, even though I despise it like I despise tomatoes - fyi not a fan of tomatoes - I do it, I motivate myself and, I have to say, I’m quite proud of the results.

I’m also a bit of a party animal – ask any of my friends! There is a huge chance I’ll out party them, any day of the week, twice on Sunday; I love to dance, I love having a good time and, as long as I’m surrounded by great people, I have a good time and that includes the usual house parties, going out clubbing, festivals, been doing a lot of those and just chilling with friends at home watching movies, series or staring mindlessly at our phones while we have minimum communication.

If you ask my friends, they will tell you that I am probably one of the sweetest and caring person in the world, which I won’t deny, because I am.

But, at the same time, I can be quite stubborn, opinionated and have this weird inability of always wanting to be right. Trust me, a large amount of research goes into proving my point whenever I am in a discussion.

I’m a loyal person in every aspect of my life. But, at the same time, cutting you out of my life goes quite easy and not because I’m heartless.

If you’re in my life, I invest a lot of myself in being there for you, keeping whatever friendship we have going, I do see it as a two-way street and the moment I don’t see any traffic from the opposing side, I don’t put in the effort anymore.

I guess, in a nutshell, that’s a little bit about me and can’t wait to share more of my life, some serious topics, or anything with you all.


Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this blogpost are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official views of Phryme Magazine.

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