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The Girl

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Part 1:


Getting ready

After a long week of work

I needed some social energy, my friends know me. we planned a night out in Amsterdam.

Good planner as we were, we decided to just go with the wind. One friend started earlier than us he went to a house party before our gathering. He did not come empty-handed he brought two girls he befriended at the party. The first corner bar we saw seemed like a good start. Not a bad music playlist, good enough to be able to get to know the girls.

While this bonding is happening, I felt someone staring, at the corner of my eye I saw this gorgeous girl sitting in the back, and our eyes locked and I was gone. I couldn’t take my eyes off her but I didn’t have any courage to approach her either. I finally managed to get my eye off her and back on my friends and then my mind started working. At some moments I felt like I must be dreaming like this is not real.

Meanwhile, those thoughts were running through my head of how to take the courage. I noticed someone else approaching her. Well, that is what I thought. Before I can realize what I was doing, I drank up my whole glass.. Nothing in my hands wasn't an option, so there I go buying more drinks, I was drinking this nice drink, it had fruits in it. Tasty. I saw the boys winning. So, I stood there and danced on my own, I just needed courage is what I thought, What am I so afraid of, and just like that I mental war going on.

I forgot about the girl for a while ( I didn’t ). Looking at everyone having fun and enjoying themselves made me smile, I like to see people having a good time. I locked eyes again with this girl while she was dancing with this guy. There goes my opportunity dancing away, I thought. He shot his shot why couldn't I.. comparison is a thief of joy but he had the joy I locked eyes with. Do I dare...

Defeated I walked to the bar to order another drink and stood closer to the dance floor.

After some time the guy walked away, I thought to myself this is the moment, sloppy 2nds. This is the opportunity this is what Eminem sang about in "lose yourself", this is my time. I walked up to her and introduced myself as if I was this interesting guy to be introducing myself to people.

She smiled and put her hand into mine, Amy she said, leaning over to say her name in my left ear. She was close enough so that I could smell her and it was magical... My heart is at 180 bpm, weak knees and arms are heavy. Man anxiety is real, I mean everyone has a name just ask!.. All the shots you don't shoot are a miss.

I smiled and asked her if she was here with someone or if she was alone, I DON’T KNOW if it's creepy to ask girls if they are alone. But I did not want to entertain another man's queen. Either way, I asked she replied in my favor. Well, I am here with a friend, sometimes we come out to dance. However, he is not a reason for us not to dance.

She stared at me and said what took you so long. I replied, "You have legs too.." She was too stunned to speak. I said Amy, I think you look beautiful. When I walked in it took me a moment to take it all in. I would like to make my night better and I have thought of a way you could help me with that. Would you like to dance with me? She Said, almost instantly yes! I couldn't let my weakness show too much, I was just hoping that no Salsa to come on because I can't dance even if my life depended on it. The Dj read my mind and understand his assignment. A bachata song came on, perfect, now to hype me up and not lose count.

I was like I got this! 1,2,3,4 hey. 1,2,3,4 hey, that was all my head was on. The girl looked at my feet and smiled as she was dancing effortlessly. Before she said anything I pulled out this line; “Bad dancing is all part of the experience”. Besides, If I danced really well she would remember me although dance horrible she will remember me too.

The Dance was over and the night continued, she likes dogs and planning on getting one soon when the time is right. I like dogs. We continue talking through the chaos. I asked her, hey maybe it would be a good idea for some fresh air would you like to accompany me outside, the weather was perfect. I was lost in her eyes and daydreaming about this princess while she was talking. Where will this night end I thought, I suggested to her to let us share something to eat and walk a little around the city? She said...



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