The Girl

Updated: Aug 17, 2019

Part 1:


Getting ready after a long week of work, I showed up to meet up some of my friends in Amsterdam. We had no plans, one of my friends walked up to us and introduced us to two girls he had just met with at a pre-drink party and we head out to some pubs. Talking and getting to know each other music was just right to talk. For a while I felt like someone was present, at the corner of my eyes I saw this girl. I couldn’t take me eyes off her but I didn’t have the balls to go talk to her either. A friend of mine her boyfriend walked up to me and introduced himself, a really nice guy we talked for a while but every time I looked at the girl her eyes were on to me until they weren’t. At some moment I felt like I must be dreaming like this is not real, could it be?

Meanwhile those thoughts were running through my head I continued my conversation as I saw another guy approaching her and I straight up thought ok well that is it I guess. GUY CODE: 135468668, look it up. I bought some more drinks, and then some more. I was drinking this nice drink it straight up had fruits in it, how can I go hungry. Coming back from the bar I saw my friends are getting lucking and finding themselves people to continue their party with. So I stood on the side and danced on my own and enjoyed my drink.

I forgot about the girl for a while ( I actually didn’t ), then I scanned the crowd again looking at everyone having fun it made me smile, until I made eye contact again with her while she was dancing with this stiff guy ( no hate intended here ). I ordered another drink, and stood closer to the dance floor as I watched her dance for a brief second and it hit me, man I can't be staring at girl like that, FEMINAZI fear kicked in ( this is a joke but kinda true ) so I took a sip and enjoyed the music while I was thinking where should I stare, she is just to stare!

After some time the guy walked away, I thought to myself this is the moment, this is the opportunity this is what Eminem sang about in lose yourself, this is my time. I walked up to her and introduced myself as if I was this interesting guy to be introducing myself to people. She smiled and put her hand into mine as we sealed the introduction with a handshake and she leaned over to say her name. Amy, I thought to myself fuck 3 letters took me this much effort you gotta be fucking me. Man anxiety are real, I mean everyone has a name just ask!.. I smiled and asked her if she is here with someone or if she is alone, I DON’T KNOW if its creepy to ask girls if they are alone. Either way I asked she replied. She stared at me and said well I have a dancing partner but I am free to dance if that is what you intending on ask. “Yes, That was my initial proposal for walking here” I replied. What were the freaking odds that they would play some bachata right after some mad dancehall, I was like I got this. 1,2,3,4 hey. 1,2,3,4 hey. ( don’t judge me!!) the girl looked at my feet and smiled as she was dancing like this professional “hot stuff”. Before she wanted to say anything I pulled out this line; “Bad dancing is all part of the experience” probably the same motto the other guy was on. Besides, If I danced really good she would remember me although dance horrible she will remember me too.



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