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Some Tips to improve your Dutch

You've moved to the Netherlands! It's a beautiful country with lots of greenery. The time comes where you start to socialize with the people. However, you notice that your mastery of the Dutch language could use some improvements. Worry not! For in this blog I will give you some tips on how you can further develop your Dutch.

'De' or 'Het'

Is it time to use 'de'? No wait! Maybe I should just go with 'het'. Oh drat! I do not know! Aw, it's okay! Most of us whose primary language is not Dutch struggle with the articles (lidwoorden). However, here are two websites (in Dutch) that could help you with this: and

Another suggestion would be to train your Dutch on I admit it can be kinda pricey but trust me, it is worth it. The reason I tried their package, is because it was mandatory for school. I do not regret buying it though. On this website, I got the chance to improve my Dutch in different areas. A couple of examples would be:

  1. Spelling of Verbs (Spelling van werkwoorden)

  2. General Spelling (Spelling Algemeen)

  3. Sentence structure (Zinsstructuur)

  4. General language use (Algemeen Taalgebruik)

Furthermore, under each category you will get a selection on which you can improve a specific area in said category.

Just interact!

That's right! Just go interact with Dutch people. In the end, the best way to improve your speech skills is by interacting with people in Dutch. This way you'll get used to the way the words sound, you will learn new words and phrases and overall your Dutch will be better for it.

Last but not least, is to have lots of patience. Please, be patient with yourself. You will get frustrated with yourself and you might feel like you will never get it right. However, all you need to do is give yourself time and keep striving to improve your Dutch!


Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this blog post are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official views of Phryme.


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