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Some (fun) things that you could do

Some (fun) things that you could do (that do not require a lot of skill)

I used to always think that I had no hobbies or that I just wasn't good at certain things altogether. I just don't know.

Is a hobby really a hobby if you aren't good at it? Or doesn't it matter as long as you take joy in doing the said activity? Because for me the latter is what matters.

So here I am writing you a list of things that you can do for fun. For no reason at all, to be honest. Anyway, here it goes.

1. Traveling

I mean this is probably in every basic whyte girl’s bio but, this requires NO skill AT ALL.

Do you love the thrill of visiting a new place, does your body get energized the night before going on vacation or a trip?

When I say traveling it doesn't always require going far abroad. Check your surroundings, there is definitely much to see around you. Just go on google and look up "things to do in or around..." and you will be SUPRISED to see how much you can explore near you.

2. Photography

You do not have to be a professional photographer or have the most expensive phone or camera to get into photography.

Step 1: You just need to have some device to take pictures with, like a phone! omg so smart.

Step 2: find an object, scene, building, frame, honestly whatever that catches your eye. People and their faces are also allowed. (make sure you have permission though)

Step 3: find an angle in which the angle looks nice in, close up, near, far, wherever you are. you get the point and now "click" and voilà!

The first picture might not give you what you are looking for, but keep on trying until you're satisfied. Play with the settings, go crazy!

3. Food (eating/cooking)

There is no doubt that everyone loves food and if you don't, hmm okayyyy...

It’s something I grew up with (cooking) and something that I’ve always taken joy in doing as well.

Cooking does require a littttttlee bit of skill but this doesn't mean that it should be complex.

Through watching videos on youtube and finding recipes online you can sometimes find a lot of interesting things you haven't tried before, but also with ingredients, you probably use daily. How great would it be to expand your Master Chef meals by just a tad bit?

If you're more on the lazy or relaxed side and can not be bothered to cook something... go out and eat! I also love going out for a meal/bite/snack with friends or by myself.

Going out to eat at a new place is also the easiest way to dive into new cuisines and meals without having to try and butchering the recipe firsthand.

And by going out to a restaurant, you don't have to always go to a new place but try a different item on their menu Who knows it might even become your favorite dish!

All in all, this blog was more of a reflection on what I do in my life because sometimes I feel like I don’t know myself.

But sometimes it’s good to do some new things that you do because we are constantly changing, adapting, and acquiring new interests.


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