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More Information of being a Pet Parent [Part II]

Get to know more about the lives of our pet parents featured in our recent issue (12#). Here you can read more about their minor struggles with their dogs and how they've handled them.


Naomi chose the name because she wanted to give her baby a name of meaning. Kobi is derived from the Japanese word 'yorokobi' meaning joy. And I mean c'mon when you see a Shiba smiling at you, how does that not spark joy?

As written in the issue, Naomi would wake up before noon to walk Kobi to relieve himself. Then throughout the day, with the help of her partner, she would have mini walks with Kobi. Fortunately, because of the period when it was highly advised to quarantine, it was easy to go for walks. It's kind of hard to imagine sometimes when people have 9-5 jobs, and they walk their dogs before and after they get home from work. Imagine not being able to relieve yourself, as a person, for about 8 hours? Yes, doesn't sound healthy. Ironically, it's possible for a disciplined dog to hold its feces up to 8 hours. But still, doesn't sound healthy. Which I bet Naomi and a bunch of other dog owners would agree on.

Also, what was beneficial of quarantining is that the family was together with the majority of the time. Which made Kobi not only thrilled but also accustomed to it. However, all good things must come to an end. When the parents had to leave more often, Kobi started shaking and felt abandoned. This broke Naomi's heart because it was never her intention to do so. Slowly, but surely, they would not have Kobi in the same room as them. For him to feel more independent.


Now compared to the other parents, Divi is actually a dog from Aruba. To be specific, a 'cacho di caya' [translate = street dog]. She was adopted from an NGO animal shelter from Aruba after Sheila and her partner met all the requirements when she was 6 months old. Additionally, she also has a sister, a cat, called Pip.

Now when I hear a cat and dog co-exist, that makes me honestly very happy. Putting the usual war between cat-dog to shame. Prior to introducing to meet one another, Sheila and her partner slowly put puppy toys around the house. This gave Pip the idea that there will be a change happening. Also, by putting an "air freshener" to relax Pip a week before Divi arrived.

When they picked up Divi, Sheila's scarf and jacket, and the blanket that was wrapped around Divi had her scent on it. Before introducing them, they would let Pip smell everything. With the help of research and advice from friends, they put the siblings in the same room to get acquainted. It seemed that Divi's impression of Pip was that she was the alfa; she owned the place. Moreover, the parents would put their pillows next to one another, so that they can lay beside each other. Pip has a lot of patience, so she would let Divi sniff her occasionally. Yet, sometimes when Divi is too close, she would slap her without nails.


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