More Information of being a Pet Parent [Part I]

Get to know more about the lives of our pet parents featured in our recent issue (12#). Here you can read more about their minor struggles with their cats and how they've handled them.


After Dainaly child was born, Akina adjusted to the new normal; she is no longer the only baby of the house. According to Dainaly, cats are usually possessive of their owners when they have a good bond. Luckily, Akina isn't like that. She's very gentle and didn't have to make her parents fight over attention. At the moment, what Dainaly and her partner need to keep an eye on, is their kid. Now he's in the start-walking-and-grab-everything-I-touch-phase which leads them to take Akina away from him. They do, however, make sure the kids get used to one another by being present and supervising when they hang out. This way, their kid learns how to be around animals and Akina gets used to her brother.

Some cats love to stay indoors where they don't need to socialize or be with the outside world. Yet, Akina is an outdoor cat. Before Dainaly's pregnancy, they would go often for walks which both parties enjoyed. Now that rarely happens, unfortunately. Though it doesn't seem to bother Akina, Dainaly would still prefer that Akina can roam in a bigger environment than their home. So she hopes in the future to go on walks again with Akina, but with the whole family next time.


As written in Issue #12, Glossy was an old 11-12 years old cat when he was in a shelter. And at that age, the chances of him being adopted were meager for him. Yet, Jino took his chance and fostered him f

or a while then eventually adopted him. At the shelter, they told Jino that Glossy was an indoor cat which in the beginning was perfect because Jino was living in a studio back then. Glossy was a curious cat and would distance himself from others back then. He would trick people into thinking that he was a snuggly cat. But in fact, that wasn't his intention; he would approach people by smelling and snuggling up to them, to walking away and wouldn't pay any more attention to that person, including Jino. "He did social distancing before it was a thing", says Jino.

Additionally, for about 2 years, Glossy was a rebel; peed indoors and not in his bucket. When Jino moved to his new place, it had a front garden and neighboring cats. Jino realized new things about Glossy during this period. Like how he got territorial when the neighbor cats got near his house. Jino wouldn't have a problem with rodents due to Glossy using his animal instincts to take care of them (free pest control). Lastly, Glossy wasn't an outdoor cat at all. One day, Glossy went outside and didn't come home. Of course, Jino freaked out and wondered where his cat had gone. Then on another day, Glossy appeared unbothered. Jino realized that Glossy was never an indoor cat and that he needed his freedom. This was a solution to Glossy's rebel attitude. He started to pee in his bucket, he snuggled and hung out more with Jino.


Jino got Fifi from an acquaintance. This was around the time when Jino had Glossy for 5 years. She was scared for around 4 days and hid in the bathroom. It's understandable she would be scared and confused; one day you're in your home, then the next you're being taken to a new environment with another cat. To help her calm down a little bit, Jino rubbed catnip on different places around the house. It was a really slow process for her to open up to Jino (slow meaning around a year). Ironically, with Glossy it went very swift; they approached each other, smelled then walked away. When Fifi eventually got used to her new home, she constantly asked Jino for food. The poor thing was already overweight and Jino tried to get her to a healthy cat weight. But Fifi would scratch him for attention to be fed. There was an instance when Fifi made a hole in the bag of cat food. "She can't open a door, but smart enough when it comes to food", jokes Jino. This would lead her to a time out by being put outside until it's feeding time.

Being around cats for a long time led to Jino develop allergies to them. Yet, he didn't want to give them up. So he decided to clean up his place from all the cat fur. Which, unfortunately, leads to a rash. Still not finding that a reason to give them up. So he got an air filter/purifier. This machine is specially made to take allergens out of the air, which helped Jino a lot. Now by regularly cleaning areas where the cats have been and having that machine, it makes it easier for him to breathe and not constantly have a running nose.


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