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New year objectives: inner peace and continuity

The decade is ending and the verdict is in. While some of us have had a great year, the other half of us struggled to find balance in an otherwise difficult period of in life.

University, internships, family, friendships, it all seems to have cost way much energy than it usually does in 2019. Yet - at the end of every year we should look around us and realize that there is plenty left in us to start over. As we frequently do.

Starting over means reinventing ourselves once again, finding relationships that feed our souls and making connections that will last a lifetime. But it also means taking care of ourselves, of our needs, and our desires.

As the year draws to a close, we find ourselves ready to make New Year's resolutions. But instead of thinking about all the things you want to achieve in a 365-day period. We should be asking ourselves: What is the life I want to build for myself? And while doing so, we need to remember that though grand - Rome was not built in a day. Or a year for that matter. Instead, we must focus on laying the foundations for growth. And this little aspect, though it sounds simple, takes the most energy and effort.

Four years ago, when I reached a point where I was unhappy with how my life was turning out, I decided to design the life that I wanted. Somewhere at the beginning of the summer I made a list of objectives I wanted to achieve.

First of all, I wanted to pray more. I wanted to feel the light of our creator inside my soul again. So, I decided to wake up every morning at 5AM to meditate and pray. With a lit candle, guiding the path of light.

Secondly, I wanted to be on time. Better said, I wanted to stop hurrying. To tackle this issue, I decided I would always leave my house an hour earlier than I was supposed to. This would grant me enough time to be late, while still being on time. I wouldn't have to rush.

On a third note, I wanted to be less hard on myself. The perfectionist in me always pushed me beyond my limit, and that is no way to live your life. You must never push yourself far enough that you break in order to achieve anything. Because when all is said and done, you will be so broken that there will be no energy left to celebrate. What’s more, you will have no drive to start anything new.

And so, I did - I decided to indulge in the simple things in life. Like cooking, wine, walks in the park, my morning cup of coffee, reading. All these little things that I never took the time for, became essential parts of my routine.

Lastly, I wanted to sleep. A good night's sleep can turn a mountain of problems into a little hill. I began going to bed on time and making sure that I was making sleep a priority. Drinking and partying became less significant on account of my night's rest.

After I set these goals, I decided that whenever I needed a break, or time to reflect, I would jump into my Nikes and go running through the city until I was ready to come back home and tackle whatever task it was that needed my attention.

Someway, somehow, life began to get a little easier after setting these aims. But one of the most important things I had to do during those first months was set boundaries and share my process with the people around me. I wanted them to understand how I was making conscious choices to better my way of life.

I have set many more objectives since then. Many of which I have achieved. Some I haven't but that's okay too. What matters is that I tried and that I keep trying. Whether I set my goals at the beginning of every year or in some park in the middle of spring.

I suppose that what I'm trying to share with you, is that even though we think a New Year means a new chapter, you must never fail to remember that you will still be you when the clock strikes 12. And that you, my dearest friend, will always be a work in progress. And through it all, somewhere deep inside your soul, there is a part of you that is eternally at peace. Always.

That part of you will always be ready to work with you to achieve those little goals you set for yourself. For your sole benefit.

May that inner peace shine in 2020 and onwards and may you always find the strength to strive to a new and better you.




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