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Last lap Aruba Dag After Party

'Arubadag' is a known celebration in the Netherlands, as many of Aruban students live and study in the Netherlands to continue with a bachelor's or higher degree education. In Aruba, 18th of March is known for the national day of Aruba; it was in 1948, where Aruba took the steps towards its independence from the Kingdom of the Netherlands. On the same date in 1976, 19 years later, the Aruba flag and Anthem was officially introduced and celebrated amongst all proud Arubans.

It's not a surprise that those far from home – in the Netherlands – celebrate it as well. This year, the Arubadag was transformed into the 'Arubadag Festival' and was organized, for the first time, at Rotterdam Ahoy by, once again, Arubahuis. This year, it took place on the 24th of March, where everyone came together to celebrate Aruba's independence and also opening doors for other events such as The last lap the official after party of Aruba dag Festival.

The last lap took place in Club Villa Thalia, they had wonderful staff service upon the entrance and tried to get everyone in as soon as possible. Once inside, SalsayHielo was already on stage welcoming the guests with an amazing show, followed by Ataniro together with Zyon , Jeon, Ritmo real, Issabeach and Freddy (Rasta), Ir-sais, Rocco and finally Denzel Browne. The after party was an experience on its, imagine having all of these artists – some coming all the way from Aruba – singing their best hits for one day of the year in the Netherlands – Arubadag.

During one moment, The Legend Ataniro sat down and took a moment to give appreciation to his fans, went back to the roots and sang his classic hit “Suave” – which came out in 1995. EVERYONE in the club say along to this hit; Niro had this energy on stage that made you jump along and sing your lungs out. Together with Zyon, they gave an amazing performance.

A popular Aruban artist, Jeon also came on stage with his band Arvani music. It was a mood and any longtime fan could've felt like it was a throwback to back in the days of Upgrade Music. Jeon performed Machika his current hit that he had recorded together with J Balvin and Anitta. In addition, he also sang his older hits which had the club wilding out. Ritmo Real performed alongside Jeon, Freddy (Rasta) and IssaBeach also performed their new hit Kenepa.

After this amazing performance it did not stop, Ir-sais came on stage and made everyone dance. It was as like, if you didn’t have a girl to dance with you surely had one when Ir-sais came on stage. Ir-sais performed together with Rocco, these guys put on quite the show! At one moment, both artists joined the dance floor and were singing and dancing in the middle of the dance floor with everyone. The Legend Ataniro. also came out on stage to perform with Ir-sais on a few songs. At the end of his performance Ir-sais Brought out his DJ, Ayrton on stage to thank the crowd and his fans for turning up with them.

The Soca-Sensation, Denzel Browne, was the closing act for the night. Denzel came on stage with Xandro. From the start to finish, Denzel had his usual wild energy that hyped up the whole club.


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