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Journaling: a healing tool

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

Hey guys!

It has been a long time since I have written a blog, and it feels wonderful to do it again. Today, I want to share with you that I started a new adventure which is to create a new path for myself.

Approximately 40 days ago, I started my healing journey and you may ask yourself,

''How is he feeling?"

Honestly, I am feeling happier, but sad at the same time. Weird right? The most important part is that I am not avoiding my feelings anymore. I have found tools to guide me through a new path.

Which tool, you may ask?

My healing journey is guided by journaling! That's right, it turns out that a pen and paper can help you come to terms with stressful events (Purcell, 2020). Instead of carrying our pain around, we can release it on paper. According to some basic desk research, the University of Rochester Medical Center state that journalism has its benefits, such as:

1. Cope with depression

Writing how I feel during the day helps me deal with the turbulence that my airplane encounters.

2. Identify negative thoughts and behaviors

When you write down how you are feeling you can recognize your toxic behaviors and you become more aware of which situations trigger you.

3. Reduces stress and anxiety

Journaling helps you to start the day with a positive mindset because you release all the bad emotions.

4. Improves your communication skills

Because I am writing my feelings down, I am getting more insightful information about the case, which is me. That is why I can explain my situation better to someone else.

5. Healing injuries from the past

If I may be honest, I want to skip this part! Because when you write about those sad memories, you are also reliving how you felt at the time.But, you see the situation from a different point of view and reevaluate your actions. This leads to a stronger foundation of self-love and positivity.

What can you write about in your journal? Well, in my case, I started to journal to identify negative thoughts and heal from the past. To help me with that my healing coach, Daniela Kura, and psychologist gave me assignments that helped me to get to know myself.

Here are some examples:

  1. Write past hurtful events and forgive the ones who caused it. The most important part about this exercise is that, in the end,you always need to write, ''But, I love myself regardless''. My healing coach gave me this assignment because in 2019 I lost myself and I needed to give myself love and tell 'Little' me that I am safe. This exercise helped me to come with peace with my past trauma.

  2. Mention three things you love about a place. Because I had a negative connotation with Aruba, writing three lovely things or memories of Aruba helped me to make a positive connotation.

  3. Mention three things about your new country. Many of us deal with homesickness, which is why you can write beautiful things or memories of your new country.

  4. Relive past dating experiences by writing them down. Why you may ask? If you have a negative connotation with love, like me, it can help you to know the reason.

I hope this blog will help or inspire you with your journaling. Before I leave this screen there is something important you should know.

You cannot process all these emotions at once, it takes time.

My healing coach and psychologist recommended me to write only 20 minutes a day. Releasing emotions can be like a time bomb, if you are not careful while disconnecting the wires, it could explode.

Till next time, XOXO, Kenny.

P.S. you can find my healing coach on Instagram, @daniela.kura


Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this blogpost are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official views of Phryme Magazine.


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