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Many choose to follow a career path that has something to do with their studies. Rebecca Harb (22), on the other hand, is just beginning her career as a certified fitness coach. She recently graduated from Media and entertainment management (Creative business*) at NHL Stenden in Leeuwarden, Netherlands. In this interview, Rebecca gave us a glimpse into her life as a former student and now professional career.

*The study career, Media and Entertainment Management, was renamed Creative business with an updated curriculum in 2018.*

Media or fitness?

Since February of 2020, Rebecca has been sharing her passion for fitness and her progress on Instagram. Because of this, she was frequently asked fitness-related questions by her Instagram followers or close friends, but she never felt comfortable sharing this information.

"You are talking about people's health, it can be a bit tricky."

She has always enjoyed helping others, but she felt that it was best to follow a course to become a certified coach. Now that she has completed her course she can give fitness advice from a professional point of view to help others with their fitness goals. Last January she started a trial period with a few clients to see how they would react to her coaching and if she needed to adjust anything. At the end of the day, you just have to try and see what happens. Now she is ready to start taking clients officially and put her Grow Beyond program out there!

Even though her study had nothing to do with the fitness world, it helped her in various aspects of her career and personal life. Due to the school modules, she gained knowledge on different topics such as branding and marketing, and therefore was able to push herself artistically and learned how to approach clients and advertise herself online.

  • HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR STUDENT JOURNEY?"I would describe it as interesting, fun and useful! It was an interesting and broad study because of the problem-based learning (PBL) and the media topics. Because of this, I can stay on top of things with my social media page, and during my studies I met a lot of international students that made my journey more fun."

Multiple passions

When you have multiple hobbies or interests, it can become difficult to choose one. Rebecca loves to paint, go to the gym, and is interested in social media management. What she tries to do is find a project where she can combine each one of them, but sometimes it can become too much!

" It's quite hard, I haven't found the balance yet."

She not only has an Instagram page for coaching (@rebecca.fitnessthings) but also for social media management ( and has previously had a painting account. One of her current goals is to find a balance between both professions. One tip that she shares with us is that making a clear schedule for yourself might be helpful; you know when you need to work on what. For example, "I would work in a day one hour on my fitness page and half an hour on my media management page. The following day I would switch it up because I want to keep it balanced."

She also feels that setting short- and long-term goals are important. This can help you stay motivated and give you guidance on what you should be working on.

  • WHEN DO YOU KNOW YOU NEED TO PAUSE ONE OF YOUR PASSIONS?''I usually sit down with myself for an hour on Saturday or Sunday to reflect on how my week went based on my short-term goal. Based on that I would make a decision."

After reflecting on her short-term goals, she realized she wasn't paying enough attention to her fitness page. Therefore, she decided to take a break from her social media management page till further notice. This method can be used in your work, school, or personal life; you just need to know what to prioritize right now and what to put off till later.

  • DO YOU EVER THINK OF GIVING UP?"Yes, I think about it every few months. I often ask myself, ''Do I actually like it? Is it helping anyone? Why would they need me as a coach since there are a lot of people out there who do the same? "

  • WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN YOU FEEL LIKE GIVING UP?"I will talk with myself in the mirror and imagine that I am giving advice to a friend. Sometimes, I even record it so I can listen to it again."

In the coming year, Rebecca will be her own boss since she will be coaching full-time and doing social media management part-time. This year will give herself the time and opportunity to navigate the working field and make a decision on her master's degree. There is no need for you to hurry; as a reader or a student, you can set your own timeline!

Advice for future students

Even if it sounds cliche, communication is the most critical ability you need. It doesn't matter which education you follow, there will always be a lot of group work, which means you should be able to communicate with your teammates about what you don't like to do or can't do, as well if you need any help.

" Yes, 100% it's crucial for everything"

Nevertheless, whether you are beginning a fitness journey, or you are working on a new goal your mindset is a crucial tool. Making simple words changes, such as altering "I can't" to "I will try," can have a big impact on how you see life. This can turn a negative situation into a positive one!

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this blog post are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official views of Phryme.

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