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I want to do it all, but how?

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

As we start becoming more invested in our professional careers, it can become difficult to find a way to balance our social lives. We want to enjoy our social lives, work on our careers, work on ourselves, but can we really do it all while not compromising our health?

Several articles suggest cramming your day with activities, for example, working out at lunch. Advise like this is not really sustainable as the body needs rest in order to function properly, and skipping lunch to workout will inevitably tire your body out.

In this blog post I'll give you advise on how to feel like you can do it all.

When we want to do it all it usually includes maintaining our social lives, exercising, developing our mental health, and building our careers. It may seem impossible to achieve, however, with a bit of planning, it can all be achievable as well as sustainable. Let's begin!

1. Make a realistic schedule

When planning, I know at least for myself, I plan things that I will never realistically be able to do. I pack my days because filling your day can be aesthetically pleasing to look at. So instead, start with things that you can actually achieve. Waking up, taking some time for yourself - whether this means you want to workout, read a book, or simply pamper yourself with an all-out breakfast. The important part is to give yourself time to actually do the things you want to do. If you cram your day with several activities, but you don't give yourself time between them, you'll end up not doing everything and this usually leads to not following the schedule you made anymore, because it's not realistic and it's discouraging.

2. Follow your schedule, but give yourself grace

In line with the previous point, if your schedule is realistic, you should be able to follow it and complete all the tasks you set before yourself. However, if you do not have enough time to complete a task, give yourself grace. Don't beat yourself up because you didn't have the time or energy to workout. Instead, review your schedule and see what you can move around to make it achievable for the next time. Maybe you planned too many physical activities and they tired you out more than you thought. Now you know, next time plan your workout on a different day.

We tend to get upset with ourselves if we can't complete tasks we set, but give yourself grace, adjust, and try another day. Planning your days efficiently comes with a lot of trial and error.

3. Know yourself

As much as I love socializing with friends, I know that I need to give myself time to recharge. I work in the service industry which means I am dealing with people and being social for large amounts of time during the week. Knowing myself, I know that my social battery can only last me so long, and so sometimes when I have a free day, instead of planning lunch with friends, I'll plan to do absolutely nothing at home. Otherwise my battery will be dead the next day, and that won't be good for anyone. Some people have trouble with staying at home all day, but don't fret. Instead, plan a day that will have the same relaxing effect that staying at home has for me. Whether that be a walk in the park, reading a book at a coffee shop, or heading to the farmers market. As long as it's something that will bring you mental peace and relaxation.

4. Communicate with your friends and prioritize

In keeping your relationships healthy, tell your friends that you want to focus on your career - or whatever it is you want to focus on. Most people will understand if you have less time to see them during the week, and it also takes the stress off of you to keep pushing yourself to make time.

But what if you WANT to see them, what if you want to be more social. Well, then you have to take a look at the priorities in your life. And what you want to give importance to. It's almost impossible to give 100% towards every aspect in your life, in the end you will be giving less than what you want and it will ultimately demotivate you. It is then important for you to figure out what you want to prioritize. Whether that be your career, fitness, your social life, or your educational development. Pick one and give that your all, and the rest will fill your time when you can let them fill your time.

So, is it possible to do it all? Yes. But you have to decide where your priorities lie, if you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle you have to give yourself time and decide what's going to take center stage in your life for however long you want it to. If you want to focus on your career for example, maybe that means your career takes center stage for 6 months, and after than you can check in with the balance of things. Maybe after 6 months you can dial it back with your career, and go out with friends for two nights instead of one. It all depends on what is important to you in the present while keeping 'future you' and what will benefit you in the long-run in mind.


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