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Have you ever tried your best to avoid something you know you had to do?

Updated: Dec 13, 2022



Levi Silvanie has recently posted two #MDDLGR-ND articles on Medium where he talks about the battles and obstacles that he encountered. In one of the articles, Levi mentions how he is thinking about giving up all the time, but also what he has been up to, and discusses the plans he has for 2020. In his second article of #MDDLGR-ND, he continues how he used to cliff dive at Knip back in the day and the lessons he learned during this phase. Levi boldly admits to the fears he is dealing with and how he is prepared to overcome these fears.

"Have you ever tried your best to avoid something you know you had to do, but you wish there was another way? And no matter how hard you try, if it’s part of the process, there’s no way around it — just do it."

- Levi Silvanie

At the beginning of 2020, Levi believed that he would face many challenges, as he planned to release the official singleTakeFlight. Covid-19 made it very difficult for many artists and companies to continue with their original planning and strategies, many of us, including organizations, had to rethink our strategies and create a new plan to manage this pandemic. During the time that Levi went "off the grid" which was around his last tour of Sigui Stima back in 2016, Levi wrote a bookKurasonchi together with Rosabelle Illes who also published the book in 2019. Levi went on, stuck to his plan, and released his single TakeFlight in March 2020.

Levi teased his fans in one of his Instagram live sessions with the name of his album and talked a little bit more about it. He told his fans a few stories behind the song Pret di Paden and teased his fans over a new album that he will be dropping soon.

Levi did not go into details, however, he said that these songs will want to make you dance. As a fan, I know that Levi will make me sing my lungs out and dance my feet off.

He reached out to his fans for support and explained how his fans can help support the #MDDLGR-ND go fund me campaign. For the rest of the Live session, he performed for his fans and sent power to everyone to believe and achieve #Power.

#MDDLGR-ND Article Series

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