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Getting Started


On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!

Writer: Josette Burke

When you use Google Drive for the first time, you will find a PDF file called ‘getting started” just to teach you how to work with Google Drive. I’m pretty sure some of us would just love to have one of those PDF files every time we are about to start something new in our life.

Getting started is actually a continuous thing in our daily lives; we start a new day, we start a new week, we start a new conversation, we start new things every day; just the difference is that we are accustomed to those types of new beginnings. Yet, when it comes to deeper, serious, emotional, life-changing stuff; getting started might feel like one of the scariest things to do but can be one of the most exciting things as well.

As individuals we have many plans, desires and goals. But, sometimes, we choose not to follow through because it scares us to the core to do so. What keeps us from following through is that we might feel like a failure without even starting; that we are not ready for it, that we don’t want to deal with changes; that we are lazy or demotivated; sometimes we might even be scared to commit to something or we just wait for the ‘right moment’ to arrive and follow through for us.

Many things happen in our lives that throw us off our game, demotivates us horribly, and leave us lost and confused; which can influence our determination to start something and follow through. Noteworthy, in life there are only two ways: the right way or the high way, the option is yours.

There was a point in my life, where I was so disappointed and upset about letdowns and changes I couldn’t accept; I just couldn’t get myself to focus and start organizing and do the things I really wanted to do, because I saw no more point and purpose in what I wanted. Once you reach the realization that this behavior is not you and that you will not let it determine who you are anymore, you will make a way to get started with your plans. Therefore, I do believe everything happens in due time: we have to experience certain things to make us realize how our behavior is affecting us. However, whatever our actions are; this will lead us to ‘getting started’ with something meaningful in our lives, or it can end ‘that’ something meaningful that was meant for your life.

Don’t sit and wait until the right moment comes for you to start, start working towards that moment that you’ve been wanting and waiting for.

If it wasn’t for all the situations I was going through a few weeks back that influenced me to play the victim card; I wouldn’t have started PELF Self today because I’ve been putting it off for a few months already. Because I was playing the victim card for a while and I got tired of it, I managed to get myself out of that victim card zone. I know what I want to accomplish and reach in life and by creating this platform it will help me reach where I want to reach, but something had to happen and make a shift in my life to get the awakening on start doing something to achieve my plans, desires and goals.

Life isn’t about winning, but it is about how you get yourself ready at the starting block, don’t wait until the air horn goes and then you will figure out how you’ll reach the finish line, start thinking at least about the first 100 yards and eventually you will find your pace to continue forward until you reach the finish line. In addition, try to see who you can find along the way, and maybe you can reach the finish line together.


​Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this blogpost are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official views of Phryme Magazine.


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