Fall fashion trends 2021

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

Fall is quickly approaching, and what better way to enter the season than to be prepared for the fashion trends we can expect! So here's a shortlist of what will be in season so your closets can be ready to bust out the latest fashion.

Up first, colours!

Perhaps not too surprising, but colours are predicted to be the trend of Fall 2021. Very bold colours are making a come-back, stand out in the crowd in

bold pink, or a loud lime coloured coat.

Definitely don't be scared of mixing colours, fashion is all about experimenting.

Tailor everything.

You guessed it...a nice tailored coat or jacket will go a long way. We've been seeing the tailored look for a while, whether long or short coats, the story is no different for Fall. For a classy, put-together look, a tailored coat is the way to go.

Dress it up with a nice pair of heels, or keep it casual with some culottes and some nice sneakers.

Knitters, it's your time to shine.

During the Fall season, we all go straight to knitwear. Now keep that thought, but add co-ord. Instead of simply wearing a knit top, add a matching bottom.

If you're going to do something, you might as well go full out right? Stay warm and fashionable with a matching knit set. And again, don't be scared of colours!

Skiers to the starting point.

If a knitwear co-ord is too much matching for you, try the aprés-ski fashion for a change. Aprés-ski is all about comfort, warmth, and maybe a dash of luxury. Go all out with funky colours and a bold visual element.

These sweaters can be easily paired with your favorite jean and can be dressed up or down with the right shoe pairing. And most of all... it keeps you warm.

We found puff.

What's Fall if not a gentle transition to Winter. If it's colder in your area, puffer jackets will receive a warm welcome into your closet. We often associate puffers with being cropped, but what if they were full length? Well, welcome to Fall 2021.

Go for a bold coloured knee-, or calve-length (if you're feeling adventurous) puff coat to keep you warm from the ever dropping temperatures. An item that won't go back into the closet as soon as the freezing temperatures start.

Fashion is about fun, it's about experimenting, and it's about feeling good. So experiment with these different trends, combine them, add to them and make them your own! Just because it's colder does not mean we don't get to be fashionable anymore.

If you don't want to break the bank, luckily these are old trends that have circled back and you're sure to find some staple pieces at thrift stores. Happy hunting!

All images sourced from Harper Bazaar


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