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Event: Caribeatz by ISA

Thursdays have been known as ‘student nights’ for a reason and last Thursday, 15th of November, was no different. 5th Avenue, Arnhem, was the place and Caribeatz was the event organised by ISA, student association, of the HAN University.

Like stated on their Facebook event page, Caribeatz was an ‘after exam’ event, and a way to introduce the international students to the beats known in the Caribbean, hence ‘Caribeatz’.

To meet that expectation, there was live DJ all night long by DJ Rawy, Stov3 and Ayrton. Additionally, there was also a live performance by none other than Denzel Browne, Cover Feature of Phryme Magazine’s 5th issue. And, as if that wasn't already enough, there was a special guest appearance by DJ Jules!

Denzel Browne, with a special message to all Phryme readers. ☺️

With an entrance fee of just €5, the night had a lot to offer and, above all, amazing service upon entry. By just clicking ‘going’ on the Facebook event group, you would’ve been added to the guest list. Upon entry, Phryme guests were greeted with a firm handshake and a warm smile by ISA members and signalled to hang their coats.

While 5th Avenue bar offered great, affordable, drinks all night long, the remarkable 40% off on all drinks between 22hrs and 00hrs didn’t go unnoticed. Additionally, the atmosphere and décor made everyone feel comfortable enough to meet new people, share some dance moves and sing out loud to familiar songs.

"It was an amazing party, I am happy with the success of everything," said Jair Frank, who was very involved with organising the event.

If you didn’t get to experience this LIT party, keep an eye on ISA’s Facebook or Instagram to find out when they will be organising more events.

But, just because Phryme has got you covered, here are exclusive photos of the evening.

Phryme hopes to see you at one of the many upcoming events!


Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this blogpost are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official views of Phryme Magazine.

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