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Dull in Dublin? A Tinderella Tale

How I lost a jacket and a friend in one weekend.

In the last few months I have been engaging myself very much in the art of traveling. It has gotten to a point where I traveled once or twice every month. Crazy if you ask me for a full time student. Whatever, I still passed all my classes so these trips were my early gifts, maybe?

This story you're about to read dates back to last December of 2018. If you think this is a 'last christmas I gave you my heart' type of story, this ain't it. I was still surfing on the dating apps whenever I was bored. Now you might be thinking 'Tinderella, didn't your boredom get you into a unwanted relationship last time?' Yes, but mind your business and listen to my story, gosh!

Before everything is clear, I must take you back to a few months earlier, say October 2018. I matched up with this young lad from Ireland, who told me he was planning on coming to my city and that we could meet up for a pint or something. This all seemed pretty innocent to me. I actually liked his charisma, we were around the same age and were practically the same but with different genders. From that we kept on talking everyday from sunrise to sunset. But everything was very platonic. I genuinely liked him as a friend and was looking forward to meeting him early in November. For some unexplainable reason, he never made it to my city and it's still vague to me why that never happened.

During this time I was also planning to go to Dublin and explore the city as I had never been there before. I thought 'hell, if he can't come to my city, I can go to his'. So I gathered two of my closest friends, booked flights and accommodation and off we went to Ireland in the second week of December.

After arriving in Dublin mid day, my friends and I decided to grab some food as we hadn't eaten since our flight and couldn't check-in just yet. To my surprise, the Irish guy we shall call Niall was in the city already and agreed to meet me (us) at the restaurant. He was decent in person, talked a lot but I could barely understand his hard Irish accent, lol.

Anyway, before coming there I had asked him to show me around the city. So after lunch, we went on a tour. We walked for what seemed like eternity, but Niall was engaging us in the history and knowledge he had about the city and that was nice, I guess. Finally, after our tour de france with our luggage, we went to check in. I asked Niall if he would wait for us and we could then continue our journey of the city. Then I was abruptly cut short with an excuse that he had to go home or something. My friends and I were left perplexed, to say the least.

We decided to go on with our lives, go shower and relax after what has been a long day. When I was sitting on my bed I kept thinking why Niall left so abruptly without any explanation. Well, not soon after I was greeted with a bible text from Niall with words somewhere along the lines of 'I feel as though we didn't connect as well in person'. I was flabbergasted. But okay, bro didn't connect with me. I asked him to be more clear because I remember talking to him as he was making us do the relay race around the city, but okay sis. Maybe he didn't like it when I was speaking another language with my friends? Up to this day I still don't know. In other words, I don't think that he wanted to hang out with me anymore and wished me a nice trip.

Being a bad bitch that I am, I wasn't gonna let that ruin my trip. I went there to explore and enjoy the city anyway. My friends and I went out for dinner that night and afterwards headed towards the city to party, as we had nothing to lose, so I thought. Right???

We found ourselves in a beautiful club called 'the Church'. Mind you it's in an old church turned into a bar/club. The house of the Lord. No one will do wrong in there right? Bitch you thought again! The vibe in Church was lit and downstairs they had a private party so my friends and I made our way into the place, bought some drinks and started dancing. We stashed our coats on a couch that wasn't being used but there was security next to it so we thought it was all good. I went by our jackets several times to ensure that they were in place, and so they were.

Around 3 am, people started to get bored and I think the Church was closing as well, so one last time I passed by my jacket and went to drop a load before heading out.

When I come back, I see my friends in their jackets and ask them if they have mine, shockingly they say no.

I head back down and rummage the place, but no sign of my jacket.

I think to myself; 'fuck, I have lost my jacket and friend in one weekend, life is great'


Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this blogpost are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official views of Phryme Magazine


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