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Dating during a pandemic

Updated: Feb 28, 2021


That word either gets you excited or - like for me - makes you anxious and/or nervous. Dating, and relationships in general, can be difficult to navigate during your 20s, now add a global pandemic to that and...yikes.

We've all been dealing with this pandemic in different ways and hopefully also safely. However, it can get lonely when you're not really encouraged to have guests and everything is closed except for the supermarket. So, a lot of people turn to date, to meet new people, spark new conversations, and it's the perfect time to do that right? ....right?

Just so you won't have to figure that out all by yourself, I placed myself smack-dab in the middle of it all. I joined both Tinder and Bumble so you don't have to! (Or maybe you'll want to)

So dating during a does that work? Well, let's take a look.

I set up my profile and got to swiping! I tried to keep my options pretty open but, at the same time, if I were to go on a date, I'd at least want to be attracted to the person.

The first few interactions feel similar to a pre-pandemic era. You match with someone and either you or they start up the conversation or neither party does and...well it serves as an ego stroke, whoever you found attractive also finds you attractive ¡+1!

The odd bit comes later in the game. Although...sometimes it's right off the bat when you come across a profile that reads, "I don't give a f*** about these corona 'maatregels' and this social distancing." Or one that's essentially inviting people to a "small house party" while there are several restrictions against it, but I offer an easy solution: swipe left!!

You either have conversations that go nowhere, and die out in a few days, or you can have a nice chat with someone who seems to be the same level as you. That is until you reach the proposal..."we should meet," and this is where it can get a little tricky because with all these restrictions, what is there to do?

I got a few proposals to meet at someone's house for drinks, however, we're in the middle of a pandemic, and I'm not about to risk my health for what could possibly be a mediocre night.

Another option would be to conduct a full-on interview of how often they're leaving the house and who they're seeing, but that's too rigorous a process (unless you're into that). To those few who suggested a drink at their place, I was never seen again - ghosting in full effect.

On a brighter note, I got offers to go for a walk together, or, from those really serious about the pandemic, to meet up sometime when this is all over. Although I admire the desire to be safe, as well as the optimism that Covid will be over some time soon...I have my doubts about the whole thing.

I did end up taking a 'walk in the park' offer and had a lovely walk in the park (which also included a puppy so...bonus points) and we have plans to go for another walk sometime soon.


I did not find love during the pandemic.

But, I did find a new friend, and I'm pretty excited about that. Plus, she has a puppy so...count me in.

All in all, dating during a pandemic isn't as different as dating during "regular" life. Of course, you can't really meet people organically or go out for drinks at a bar, but the basics of dating are still the same. Dating apps are still thriving, and there are several people to talk to and to engage with (and several people to ghost).

The only thing you have to adjust is how you meet. Honestly, going for a walk in the park is a nice change of scenery, especially after you've been home for several weeks and the only time you get fresh air is on your trip to the grocery store...not like I'm speaking from experience or anything...

On your walk you can always stop by a local cafe to both support them and to get a coffee to keep you warm, and also so you can have a drink in your hands so you have something to do with them and then it feels like you're in a club again...more or less.

So I didn't find love, but I also wasn't really looking.

Dating apps are still a great way to meet new people, and if you're feeling lonely during quarantine, it's always nice to have people to talk to and apps like Tinder provide you with a whole bunch of options. There are several successful pandemic love-stories out there and you could be one of them!

Dating during a pandemic is possible, and definitely easy to do seeing as virtually everyone seems to be on dating apps. Just be responsible, date safely, and go fall in love!


​Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this blogpost are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official views of Phryme.


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