Thank you to Netflix and everyone involved for making this insanity happen, I am thanking Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph for paving the way to the future. I mean knock knock, who’s there? The future, the future who, NETFLIX That is who!!

Netflix has been working on an interactive platform and Black Mirror was the first to get it, “AH DOY!”, Black Mirror has been giving me the chills, since I watched metal head I was HOOKED. Black Mirror can have many interpretations. However, it is aimed to be a reflection of our society, which yes can be quite a mind twister and it is just that a mind bender tale by Charlie Brooker. Ultimately Black Mirror reflecting our 21st Century existence back at us. Black Mirror is an anthology series that dives into the bitterness of the modern world, a suspenseful tale exploring themes of current techno-paranoia, without questioning it, technology has made a statement in all aspects of our lives; in every home; on every desk; in every palm - a plasma screen; a monitor; a Smartphone. What a way to stir up some hibigeebies for this Techno-erra I actively participate in.

Bandersnatch: a mind- bending tale with multiple endings.This interactive movie will give you the feeling of control, starting by asking which cereal you would like Stefan (Fionn Whitehead) to eat for breakfast: Kellogg's frosted flakesor Sugar Puffs. After this, it takes you into multiple scenarios where you get to choose what will happen, with each choice another outcome. At first I thought I only had to make simple decisions, what happened to the simple decisions? I was really up for a trip of my life. I tried and I failed. That was my experience from it, you get to pick the path towards THE END. At one point I felt like I was re-living the WHITE BEAR, however, there are a finite amount of scenes according to interviews with Charlie Brooks. Although it really depends on Brooks definition of finite, I can say I saw about 5 endings debatable. On the verge, it is said to have 5 endings, while other websites and tweets are saying that there are about 8 to 10 different endings. If there are more than 5 endings, do share!

For the technical and marketing aspects, what does this really mean for Netflix? This launches Netflix into new storytelling territory, creating a platform where viewers can share their opinions in simple binary questions during political debates, entertainment surveys, or preference of music in certain scenes. Perhaps participating inTHE FIXwith Jimmy Carr, a show where comedians take on serious issues and have a debate about it- there are comedians who make it really entertaining to watch. Content creators have the desire to tell non-linear stories like the Bandersnatch, and Netflix provides this freedom. Netflix will focus for now mainly on producing interactive content for children, Puss in Book in an Epic Tale, Buddy Thunderstruck: The maybe Pile, Stretch Armstrong, Minecraft: Story mode, Black Mirror: Bandersnatch are the list of interactive movies that are already available on netflix. After Bandersnatch, Charlie Brook mentioned in one of his interviews that he will not make another interactive Black Mirror. He said that it was megalomaniacal compared to linear filmmaking, and spoilers will be all over the place in conversations. I can only imagine how difficult creating a non-linear story must be like but hearing Charlie Brooker saying it makes it more believable.

Netflix has been thru it all I must say, again, they surprised me. There were rumours around an interactive Netflix show and I must say hats off for the creative and technical effort put into this! Despite all, I am not sure how I feel about this: even though Netflix mentioned that they do not have all the technology to continue making non-linear movies just yet, the datas will be collected by Netflix- of course to help improving and enriching the quality of viewing.

As we know, Netflix is a platform where we are in control of what we watch, when and where we watch them, and Netflix is giving us just that and giving us more control. So, will there be other interactive show where we get the control, or did Black Mirror make their point? This movie really made me curious of finding out more about Charlie Brookerand reading his book Inside Black Mirror.


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