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5 things that could go wrong as a podcast host

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Getting out of your comfort zone is like a roller coaster where you feel excitement, exhilaration, fear, and suspense. This is how I felt when I got the opportunity to be on a podcast and talk for an entire hour for Phryme!

#OutspokenLive started in 2017 to entertain students who are living abroad. Each season has a different host and this time I and Tanisha Scharbaay got the opportunity to be the hosts. At first, it seemed easy and I thought that it would not be a problem, well we thought wrong!

Here are 5 problems you may encounter as a host for a podcast:

  1. Different time zones. If there are two hosts for a podcast, one of them might be in another country, which means one of you needs to stay up late. For me, it was not a problem since we made a rule that on every episode we must drink wine: evening + wine = perfect combo!

  2. Coming up with topics. At first, coming up with topics was easier since it was only five episodes, but when season 6 got renewed with five more our brain decided to fry.

  3. Scheduling guests. In our situation, for each topic, there was a possibility to invite a guest which makes the episode more fun. However, it can become a problem when their schedule does not fit with the hosts. Therefore, you need to adjust to your schedule, which is reasonable I guess. We need them #laughingemoji

  4. Internet. During our 10 episodes of fame, our internet was not strong. If it was not Setar in Aruba who was causing trouble, it was Ziggo. There was even a time when we nearly needed to start over when we were almost done.

  5. If you are a shy person it may be difficult for you to be a host. Your guests may overshadow you. However, in my experience, this did not happen since Tanisha pushed me to talk and be more interactive during the episodes.

''It was a nice ride and fun experience! Phryme pushed me out of my comfort zone again!" - Kenny

"My experience as a hostess was super fun and different! We met new people, talked about different topics and had wonderful producers."- Tanisha

During this episode we talked about Astrology with our guest Josianne Coutinho.

At the end of the day, this experience was fun and enjoyable. There was wine, tea, juicy and inspiring topics.

During every episode we gain a new perspective due to our guests. The first 6 episodes were topics I and Tanisha related to and had an opinion about it such as dealing with change, new traditions, and the gossiping culture of Aruba. In the last 4 episodes, it was important to bring topics that our listeners may find interesting which is why we decided to talk about traveling, astrology, and the vegan lifestyle.

If any of these topics interest you, listen to the podcast on Spotify, Apple, or

I am closing this blog with a big thank you to my co-host, guests, and Phryme.



P.S, If you want to be a host or guest on the next season DM Phryme on Instagram.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this blog post are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official views of Phryme.

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